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I may be stashed away in a remote spot on Maui, but you can always find me here:

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Malia Bohlin


2 thoughts on “Find Me Here

  1. Hi Malia, there is an image on your site that we would like to hang in our upcountry cafe. it is an historic photo of a paniolo. Did you need permission to put it on your site? If so, whom did you ask?. your help much appreciated.

    • Hi Jen – do you mean the cowboy with the small child on the horse? If this is the photo you’re referring to, it is a photo I took of a photo…. I don’t have the original photo credit. You might check with the Makawao History Museum – they have a ton of historical photos. I don’t know if you need permission to use a photo of a photo for what you’re doing…having said that, you are welcome to download the photo I took if you want. You can contact me directly at maliais@ yahoo. com if you have more questions. Mahalo!

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