A Satur-Day in the Life Of

I was up before the sun, headed across the slopes of Haleakala to my part-time job on a ranch in Keokea.  Meanwhile, all across the island, people were preparing for the many events and activities that were jam-packed into the day.  Beginning with the Visitor Industry Charity Walk that morning, and including the Olukai Ho’olaulea, the annual Seabury Hall Craft Fair, the Maui Matsuri Festival, the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua’s Celebration of the Arts, and the big artCORE party, just to name a few. I ticked the events off in my head while driving along. I wanted to be at many of them, but first, I had to get this work thing taken care of.  I was rewarded with some beautiful views early that morning.

Sunrise View

Sun coming up over the edge of Haleakala

It turned out to be a gorgeous day. The animals were all healthy and happy, making my work day an easy one!

Ranch Animals

Happy cows enjoying their view.

I finished up about noon and went for a quick run. Gotta keep up with those goals too! And who wouldn’t want to run here?

Running Route

Cool and shady running route.

At home I had a quick shower and ate lunch while catching up with some correspondence.  I emailed a windsurfing couple in Singapore who had admired my work, replied to comments on my Instagram account, updated a post of Facebook and looked over the recent stats on my Etsy page. I truly love how my art has allowed me to make so many international connections. It’s really fun to share my “Pieces of Maui” with the rest of the world.

Next I worked on prepping some canvases for the next few paintings I have in mind. I like to use a contrast color in the background to increase the depth of the image colors.  I start by envisioning what colors I will use in my image, then paint the contrasting or “opposite” color first.  While this background color will be completely covered with the image of the painting, I can still feel my perfectionist tendencies coming out. I need complete, even, opaque coverage here!  While envisioning the images I want to create, I really can’t wait to get started on the actual paintings. (You can see the results of this prep work on my Available Art page.)

Prepping Canvases

Prepping canvases for future paintings.

Then, finally, out to one of the day’s events, the Maui Matsuri Festival, for some nourishment, culture, and inspiration.


Bentos make the perfect meal!


Hikariyama Torao has a beautiful voice and great showmanship!

With Singer

Yours truly with Japanese vocalist Hikariyama Torao.


Origami cranes tucked away among the decorative bamboo stalks.

Watching Bon Dance

The evening wrapped up with a traditional Bon Dance.


It was a busy, fun day. But oh how I wished I could have hit “rewind” and played the day over, in order to get to a few more of the special events Maui had to offer that day!