East Maui Sunrise

This scene is familiar to any early risers in Central Maui.  Looking East across the central valley of the island toward where the day begins, the long dawn goes on as the sun creeps up and finally over the slopes of Haleakala. In the near foreground is Kahului Harbor, and stretching beyond it the coastline of Kanaha, Spreckelsville, Paia, Kuau, and Ho’okipa.

East Maui Morning Available on Etsy

I used the rich colors of Cadmium Orange Hue, and Yellow Deep Hue to capture the bright newness of the day. Beneath these colors I painted a background of aqua, which peaks through slightly, giving a trace of the night sky still slightly present. The landscape sits deep and still, a bit of new light is caught in streaks of Pale Violet and Dioxazine Purple.

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