Maui’s Own Lava Tube

Hawaii’s Lava Tubes

All my life I had heard about (and even visited) the lava tubes at Hawaii Volcanos National Park. Kilauea has been erupting since 1983, and subsequently Hawaii Island gets all the lava-related press.  Eruptions, lava flows across land and into the ocean, volcanic tremors, and, albeit much older and under ground, lava tubes.  Until this year I was completely unaware of our very own lava tube here on Maui!

On the Road to Hana

There are many beautiful stops along the Road to Hana and this is just one of them.  In fact, it may be your last; it’s very close to Hana town, just past mile marker 31.  There you turn left onto Ulaino Road and drive about half a mile to the property entrance.

You're here!

You’re here!

Visiting the Lava Tube

The grounds of the Hana Lava Tube are beautiful. There is a fun red ti leaf plant maze that you can try before you enter the Lava Tube.  The staff is very friendly and helpful.  They will give you flashlight and direct you toward the cave entrance, which is a short walk from the office.  The cost is $11.95 per person for this self-guided tour.



It is a very unique experience to be underground in an ancient lava tube. I really don’t want to give it away, so I won’t post a lot of pictures. But I will share the best advice the staff person gave me: when you get to a quiet place alone, turn off the flashlight.


Yes, it's down there!

Yes, it’s down there!

A little bit about the cave. There are signs all along the way; I found them very informative.

A little bit about the cave. There are very informative signs all along the way.

A visitor to the cave.

A visitor to the cave.

They say the inside of Haleakala Crater is one of the quietest places on earth; I think this lava tube may be a close second.   I am so very glad to have had the opportunity to see Maui’s own lava tube. It was an amazing experience. I hope you can check it out one day too!


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