Spring Saturday

Maui is a beautiful place, not most of the time, but really, all of the time.  And, believe it or not, some days are even more extraordinary! Such as this recent Saturday when I set out on an exploratory stroll in Keokea, in Maui’s beautiful Upcountry.


Looking down over central Maui early in the morning.


Jacaranda trees are the highlight of Upcountry Springtime.


The goats are taking over the job while everyone’s gone over the weekend!

gladiolus 2

These deep orange gladiolus brighten the side of the road.


As well as my all-time favorite side-of-the road beauties, Nasturtiums.


I forget the name of these guys…but what beautiful bursts of periwinkle!


It’s  a butterfly in the making!

big sky

Look at all that big sky and ocean.  The island of Lanai is out there too.


Pink and sunny and Springy!

What do you love most about Upcountry Maui? Or your own special nature walk places?



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