Kona Winds + Vog = October Sunset

Returning to Maui this month I was greeted by hot, muggy days. We were experiencing “Kona winds” which means the winds shift, causing our cooling trade winds to cease and bringing a lot of “vog,” or volcanic smog, from the very active volcano Kilauea erupting on the Big Island.

While it was very still and “voggy,” the combination of light and dust in the sky made for some fantastic sunsets. Thus, October Sunset came forth.  That seems like a timely name as we enter the Fall season.  And, if you’re a Bronco’s fan, you may really like these colors.

October Sunset on Etsy

In this richly textured piece I used a both the bold Cadmium Orange and Cadmium Red Hues, with the ever-bright Opera Rose to add some bold pink streaks.  The ocean remains dark and still in Prussian Blue, Ultramarine and a bit of Deep Turquoise.

See more about October Sunset on Mamala O Maui.


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