The Good, the Paint, the Ugly.

I set off with high hopes to recreate this beautiful image of Baldwin Beach.

I started with the usual methods; drawing the image, determining the colors and the complementary colors.

I had my sand-painting-situation situated (please see Introducing Titan Buff, my new BFF for background on this topic).

A few finishing touches.

Sign off – it’s done!

Took a smoothie break while I wrote copy for my Etsy page.

Got out the “good” camera for the photo shoot.

I took dozens of pictures, but none of them look right.  Why? I hate it. I know, hate is a strong word. And I use it here with all the fervor it conjures. I look at the painting, wondering what exactly is wrong, and how can I fix it? Maybe the shape of the water flow? Maybe the colors in the sand, from wet to dry? Maybe take out the trees entirely at the end of the beach? That idea makes me laugh, as everyone I’ve ever known who planted Ironwood trees on their property later changed their minds and wanted them removed.  And they’re hard to get rid of.

So I laugh, and stare, and wonder, while Baldwin Beach sits on my kitchen counter awaiting its destiny.


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