Maui’s Special Places in Art

Malama Wao Akua honors the native ecosystems and plant and animal life on Maui through artistic expression.  Wao Akua  is defined in Mary Kawena Pukui’s Hawaiian Dictionary as “A distant mountain region, believed inhabit only by spirits; wilderness, desert,” and may also refer to the mountain regions reserved for collection of ceremonial and medicinal plants and for performing special ceremonies.

Co-sponsored by The East Maui Watershed Partnership & Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao, this juried show began in 2004. Some of my favorite artists are in it this year.

Waimoku Valley, Betty Hay Freeland

Affection,  Joey Corcino

Ohelo Berrie #2, Cherie Attix

Help I’m Starving and Tangled, Terry Lopez

Kealia Evening and Kanaha Morning, Virginia Pierce

Take it Home, Edward Baldwin

See details at the East Maui Watershed Partnership website and at the Viewpoints Gallery website.


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