Headed into the Clouds

Vkiew of Haleakala from Makawao

I was lucky to join staff from Haleakala Ranch and the group Na Ala Hele for this hike through part of the Haleakala Ranch pasture land.  **Please note this hike is on private property and can only be taken with scheduled groups.**

We started at 6,200 feet.  The trail was an equestrian trail used prior to the highway being built. In earlier years it was used to heard cattle to the summit of the volcano. From there they crossed the crater floor, going out Kaupo gap and down to Nu’u  landing, where they boarded ships to go to market.

Here the “ahu,” stone and finger-board wooden markers, provide a trail guide designed to stand out in heavy clouds and fog.

Ahu Trail Marker

And it was foggy…

We sat in the tall grass in the thin gap between earth and clouds.

Peeking through a break in the clouds…

The view down toward central Maui and the oceean.

Coming toward the end of the trail we went through a stand of Eucalyptus trees, a cool sweet way to end the hike 🙂


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