A Beautiful Day, Beautiful Place, Beautiful Ride

Starting in the pasture….

Haiku Pasture

Next step: grooming.  Una, the mare I rode, was covered head to toe with mud from the recent rains in Haiku. Luckily it was dry and easy to brush off, but I got filthy doing it.

Into the trailer…

And on the trail!

We take a break from the sunny cane fields and go down into the gulch, where this irrigation waterway spills forth. It’s raining in East Maui and the waterfall the fullest I’ve ever seen here.

During our rest Una keeps an eye on me and the apple I’m eating. Of course I shared 🙂

Una and I looking out the bay at the surf spot in Peahi known as “Jaws,” famous for its huge winter surf.

Looking back at the trail behind us. What a beautiful day, a beautiful place, a beautiful ride!


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