Sand: my nemesis.

I spent a childhood of Saturdays playing in the waves, digging holes in the beach, building a variety of sand buildings, and boogie boarding, getting tossed and smashed in the waves every way you can imagine. Through these regular activities one becomes very close with the sand as it becomes one with your body, lingers in the car, fills the bottom of the shower when you get home, sometimes shows up on the cat, in your bed, on your desk the next day at school, etc.

Sand - As a Kid

Subsequently, as an adult I’ve always said a good beach day is defined by excellent “sand control.” This requires good planning and a few tricks that come with experience (e.g. judging the wind and proper cooler positioning) as well as a clear understanding with the sand itself. You stay on your beach, I’ll stay on my towel, and we can remain friends.

Sand - At the Beach

But sand is a tricky comrade, sneaking up on you and causing havoc when least expected. Now it’s invading my artwork and needless to say I am not thrilled about it.  First there’s the color.  How do you define it exactly? Beige? That can look too white, or too brown. Pale yellow? No, not really. So I spend lots of time and paint mixing, adjusting, and then making more when I run out… or more accurately…

Sand - Making Paint-colored Sand

repainting….trying to capture the depth, distance, perspective, light, wetness, etc. of the sand continues to elude me. This is not what I’m trying for:

Sand - Painting Sand 1

Here I’m a little closer, but I’m still not entirely satisfied.

Sand - Painting Sand 2

You may have noticed most of my paintings are beach and sand-less… now you know why 🙂

Sand - Painting Without Sand


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